Vegans know better than anyone how easy it is to hit the daily recommended intake for protein — 46 grams for women, 56 grams for men. However, the misconception still persists that the only way to meet those requirements is through animal-based foods. This unfortunate view is completely incorrect and often deters people from considering a plant-based diet. “Where do you get your protein?”  If only vegans received a dime every time they’re asked this question, we’d be the richest people in the world!

The fact is, protein is present in everything we consume from grapes to leafy greens to breads. Obviously some items have more than others, but the good news is in our Western society, it takes very little effort to get more than enough protein to keep the body healthy.

Consider this list of 15 vegan/plant-based protein superstars the next time you wonder how vegans get their protein – and start adding these foods to your diet today. Be imaginative and have fun, most of these ingredients would work well in a healthy casserole, a tasty soup, or even an exotic stir-fry.

  1. Almonds (roasted) 30g protein per cup
  2. Baked Tofu 20g protein per cup
  3. Black Beans (cooked) 15g protein per cup
  4. Brown Rice (cooked) 5g per cup
  5. Chia Seeds 16g protein per cup
  6. Couscous (cooked) 6g protein per cup
  7. Edamame (cooked) 17g per cup
  8. Garbanzo Beans (cooked) 15g protein per cup
  9. Great Northern Beans (cooked) 15g protein per cup
  10. Hemp Seeds (shelled) 10g protein per ounce
  11. Lentils (cooked) 18g protein per cup
  12. Quinoa (cooked) 8g protein per cup
  13. Seitan 50g protein per cup
  14. Sunflower Seeds (roasted) 23g protein per cup
  15. Tempeh 18g protein per cup

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Daelyn Fortney is the co-founder and managing director of This Dish is Veg, a site dedicated to vegan, animal welfare and eco-friendly news and opinion pieces. She is a passionate advocate of the vegan lifestyle and teaches others that a plant-based diet is not only ideal for the earth and animals, it’s also the perfect way to achieve ultimate health. In addition to her work, Daelyn is a fitness enthusiast and mom to three daughters.