Diabetic Diet

A recent scientific study has discovered that eating four eggs per week can significantly reduce your risk for type 2 diabetes.
If you're prediabetic, eating these foods will help to improve your health and keep diabetes at bay.
Snacking healthy when you’re on a diabetic diet can be tricky; here are a few simple yet delish ideas to satiate you.
We present a full list of added sugars that are commonly found in packaged food products. Keep this list handy!
A recent study discovered that onion extract can help lower high blood glucose and total cholesterol levels among diabetics.
Find out if brown rice syrup is a good sugar alternative, and whether or not you should add it to your diet.
Don’t restrict yourself in the name of diabetes. You can have your chocolate and enjoy it too, in moderation though.
Schmidt syndrome is also known as polyglandular deficiency syndrome type II. It is a rare autoimmune disorder defined by a sudden decrease in the production of certain hormones. The syndrome leads to insufficient hormone production by the adrenal and...
All you need to know about the root vegetable that’s making news for its amazing weight loss benefits.
We all dread diabetes, it changes your life in a bad way. We change our diets, always look after our weight and wonder at the blood test reports, but now eating yogurt can help reduce the risk of diabetes. Who knew that something as simple as yogurt can be so effective.