Who says you have to give up everything sweet if you are on a diabetic diet? While it is true that almost all forms of sugars are off your menu, there are still ways in which you can bring back some sweetness in your life, albeit the smart and healthy way.

Here are a few sweet hacks that will help satiate your cravings without jeopardizing your diabetic diet.

1. Go For Foods That Contain Natural Sugars
Instead of snacking on foods loaded with artificial sweeteners, find out foods that are naturally rich in their sweet content.
Take a banana and freeze it, then mix it in the blender with a cup of non-fat yogurt to make your own sweet smoothie at home. Or add chopped berries to low-fat yogurt and a sugar-free cereal that you normally take, and sprinkle a few pieces of chocolate chips.

2. Mind Your Portions
If you do want to eat dessert, speak to your doctor and check how little you are allowed to have on an occasional cheat day. Remember that your desserts will be loaded with carbs such as bread and other ingredients. Keep your portions small by enjoying each bite for longer. For instance, if you want to eat a donut, get a small one and then break it into four parts and eat only one part. Chew each bite for as long as you can, to make it seem as if you’ve had a lot already.

3. Stay Hydrated
If you are not hydrated, your body can mistake thirst for hunger and you may experience a sweet craving. Drink a glass of water before and after your meal. Instead of having candy, go for a natural food smoothie or fruit juice without added sugar to get your fill of sweetness.

4. Substitute Sweet With Other Flavors
Why not try a different taste than sweet? Chew on a pod of tamarind to get a tangy taste that can reduce your sweet craving for the moment. Not only will it stop you from having something sweet, but tamarind is also good for your condition.

5. Get Busy
Many times, a craving is related to feeling being bored or depressed. Don’t eat your emotions! Get occupied with work and distract yourself. Use the time to workout or indulge in a relaxing bath instead, using citrus scents to boost your mood.

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