On tonight’s episode of Fit, Famous & Fabulous, meet GT Dave, creator of the popular fermented probiotic drink, GT’s Kombucha. A lifelong practitioner of health, GT started his company in 1995. Today, it makes 20 different varieties of kombucha products, distributed throughout all of the US. What’s with the buzz around this cultured tea, and why is it so good for you? GT has the answers for Z Living viewers:

Q. What is so special about Kombucha?
A. Kombucha is a raw and living food that has been shared as a way of life and wellness for thousands of years. It naturally gives life to new cultures with every batch that is handcrafted.  This reminds us that there is always another chance to grow and evolve into our ideal person.

Q. How is it made?
A. Our kombucha is delicately cultured for several weeks using a live kombucha culture in a medium of organic black tea, organic green tea, and organic evaporated cane juice. The active cultures utilize the nutrients in the tea and cane juice to convert it into an elixir that is naturally rich with enzymes, probiotics and organic acids.

Q. What sort of medicinal, or health benefits does kombucha have?
A. Kombucha is naturally rich with probiotics; outside studies have shown that probiotics aid in the wellness of the digestive system. In addition, kombucha is said to have an alkaline-forming function that assists in balancing the body’s pH.

GT Dave will share this and more, only on Fit, Famous & Fabulous, on Z Living tonight.

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