Veggie Nachos: These Better With Cheddar Nachos will taste amazing with our Veggie Beans & Greens Chili, and get even yummier with tofu sour cream.

The best thing about this season is food, but it is no reason to sacrifice on your health.  Ditch the saturated fats, excess sodium and overloaded calories from your nachos and dress up your tasty treat with healthier dressings to enjoy them guilt free.

Fat-Free Sour Cream: Instead of regular sour cream which is loaded with fat switch to fat-free variety which has only 35 calories for every 2 tbsp. and will not even alter the taste of your nachos much.

White Cheese: Substitute yellow cheese with white cheese like mozzarella and melt it right on top. Go easy with the cheese.

Lean Meat:  Kick the unhealthy fats of ground beef and get your protein with ground turkey or chicken breast.

Vegetable Toppings: Load your nachos with a variety of veggies to add on to its nutrient content. Onions, tomatoes, jalapenos, cherry tomatoes, mixed greens and peppers makes an amazing addition.

Bean Toppings: Beans will not only add to the crunchiness but its fiber content will transform it into a more satisfying meal. White beans top the list here followed by black and red.

Organic Real Corn Tortilla Chips: They are made of corn, oil and salt and pack only 10 calories per chip unlike the regular tortilla chips which work as calorie bomb.

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