6 Foods To Fight Adult Acne

What you eat is what you become. Oily patches and acne will start to show on your skin if your overall lifestyle is unhealthy. Instead of spending money on expensive creams and dermatological treatments, improve your nutrition. The results might be surprising.

A balanced diet is the key to clean, glowing skin, but some foods help more than the others. Find out which ones.


The high zinc content controls the release of testosterone, which triggers acne. Oysters also help in the absorption of Vitamin A in the body, which improves the skin’s ability to keep acne away. You can safely consume 80-100 grams, or six pieces a day.


An excellent source of essential fatty acids like omega 3 and omega 6, fish reduces inflammation in the body, which in turn, controls acne. Opt for salmon, mackerel, sardines, and anchovies. Fit two servings (two pieces) in your weekly diet plan.


Made from the fermentation of milk, yogurt is full of lactic acid which kills acne-causing bacteria. It has high levels of vitamin B and zinc, which nourish the skin and also restore its pH balance. A cup a day is great for health.


This vitamin-rich cruciferous vegetable has flavonoids, which speed up the body’s recovery process and ease blemishes. It also heals damaged and irritated skin and protects it from scarring. Include a couple of cups of broccoli in your weekly meal plan.


With high water content, cucumber helps flush out the clog-poring toxins from the body. Its ascorbic acid is very effective in dealing with skin irritations. Besides, it has a cooling effect that soothes inflammation. Add a healthy dose of cucumber to your salad or try this calming cucumber facial mask that’s perfect for summer.


They are packed with beta-carotene, which is converted into vitamin A and helps improve the elasticity of the skin. They also have detoxifying properties, which improve the overall immunity to fight acne before they can appear. Eat four to five pieces per week.

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