7 Healthy Foods For Better Sex

If you’ve been finding it difficult to enjoy your time between the sheets, there are dozens of pills and prescriptions to help. Or, you could take the easy way out, and simply eat the right stuff.

You heard it! Consuming certain foods can fuel parts of your mind and body that govern your performance in bed. Some of them, for instance, promote blood circulation; others increase the production of sex hormones and elevate your energy levels.

These nutritional superstars not only improve your sex life but also help you meet your daily requirement of vitamins and minerals.

1Green Veggies

Known for their vast dietary profile, green vegetables like spinach, kale, broccoli, lettuce, and collard greens contain vitamins that catalyze the production of sex hormones. They also contain zinc, which improves the quality of sperm, and manganese and magnesium, which enhance the production of the female hormone, estrogen. Try this simple greens recipe with tahini-miso sauce.

2Citrus Fruits

Their sharp flavors stimulate the tongue and the sexual organs. Citrus fruits like orange, kiwi, blackcurrant, and strawberries are known to promote better orgasms, while also improving the sperm count. Prepare this watermelon-kiwi drink for your partner.


The vitamin B in bananas converts carbohydrates into energy, which not only keeps your energy levels high but also helps in the production of sex hormones in both, men and women. Add some oomph to the bananas with a caramel glaze.

4Olive Oil

Lack of testosterone usually leads to a drastic drop in the male libido. The monounsaturated fats in olive oil help restore the release of this hormone in the body. Go ahead, drizzle your food with more olive oil, or try this olive oil and Brussels sprouts recipe.

5Dark Chocolate

Phenethylamine, a chemical found in dark chocolate releases the hormone serotonin, which stimulates the mood and the desire for physical contact. So dig in to a bar of dark chocolate, or convert it into a fresh fruit fondue.


A natural reserve of omega 3 fatty acids, fish helps boost metabolism, and releases dopamine, which stimulates the pleasure centers of the brain. Also, fish is an excellent source of vitamin B, which improves fertility levels. Enjoy this crispy fish recipe for dinner.


One of the richest sources of zinc, oysters fire up the production of testosterone in the male body and support the health of the prostate gland. This in turn, improves libido. Prepare some oyster shooters for him.