football season treats

Hosting a football theme party at home? Your menu is likely to feature sure-fire favorites such as chicken wings, dips, salsa, tacos and dozens of sweet treats, especially for the kids. Make it that much more special by customizing the look of these dishes.

By using our simple hacks, you can create cutesy football-shaped decorations and designs. Check out the gallery for theme-based snacks and dessert ideas.

Football Brownie

football brownie

Football Brownie: Simply bake your brownies and let them cool; then cut each individual piece in the shape of a football and add details with white buttercream or fondant. Have you tried our gluten-free brownie recipe?

Chicken Wings

football chicken wings

Chicken Wings: This one is a must on your party menu. Try a healthy, baked version created by Z Living host, Nirmala Narine. Once done, stud your wings with tiny football decorative toothpicks or football flags. You could also ask the kids to create little flags of their favorite team.

Theme Cupcakes

football cupcakes

Theme Cupcakes: Bake, cool and ice your cupcakes by referring to our healthy recipes. Then, decorate individual pieces with store-bought football toppers, or create your own design using brown and white fondant.


football salsa dip

Salsa: If good salsa is on your mind, why not serve it in a decorative football-shaped bowl? Since it’s football season, you will find these bowls at your local party supplies store or even at Walmart.


football sausages

Sausages: Turkey, chicken, pork or tempeh, sausages make for the perfect party food. Decorate them with football toothpicks or flags.

Sugar Cookies

football sugar cookies

Sugar Cookies: We have a delicious, healthy cookie recipe for you to try. Be sure to cut your cookies in the shape of a football, and add details after the cookies have completely cooled.

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