Large portions and calorie-rich meals might not be the only reason behind weight gain. A new study says that indulging in too many snacks could also make you pack the pounds.

Repeated snacking puts you at the risk of unhealthy weight gain, according to the study conducted by Queensland University of Technology in Australia. The study was published in the international journal, Eating Behaviors.

For the study, researchers offered volunteers a chocolate snack right after they had as much as they wanted of a similar snack. More than half of the participants opted for the second snack. Researchers found that those who ate the most amounts of the extra snack were more impulsive, and more responsive to food rewards. They were also heavier (with a higher body mass index), which led to the conclusion that repeated snacking in the absence of hunger is a risk factor for weight gain.

It is important to listen to your hunger signals, and eat only as much as needed. Also, be mindful of what you eat. Fill up on these low-carb snacks to maintain healthy weight. Find out why Victoria Beckham bans David from snacking.

Source: IANS

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