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If Cersei Lannister didn’t make you thirst for wine, this will. The sinister queen of Games of Thrones enjoyed her vino, and for good reason. This potent drink has been linked to several health benefits and can potentially protect you against heart disease, diabetes, skin damage, aging, cancer, weakening of bone-tissues and memory loss.

And it needn’t always be an expensive affair. Whether you choose to cook with wine or drink it up, here are some fun facts that will heighten your experience.

Dry Wine Is Better To Cook With

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Dry Wine Is Better To Cook With: Using wine in cooking takes some amount of practice and experience, lest you should end up with a strong-tasting dish. Cooking releases the sugar content in wine, making your food taste sweeter than you expect. So go for dry wine, and find many other cooking tips here.

Red Is Healthier Than White

why red

Red Is Healthier Than White: Red wine enjoys a list of health benefits that come from its constituent antioxidants. A recent study has suggested that red wine might protect you against age-related issues by stimulating an ancient evolutionary defense mechanism in the body.

Expensive Isn’t Always Better

why not expensive

Expensive Isn’t Always Better: People usually associate expensive wines as being better in taste in quality, but that might not be the case, after all. A research claims that you would believe a wine actually tastes good, even if a cheap one was placed in an expensive bottle. Find out why.

The Same Wine Could Taste Different At Different Times

why the same type of wine tastes different

The Same Wine Could Taste Different At Different Times: Made from the same grapes, some wines look and taste very different from each other. This variance could depend on how and where the wine was actually produced. Read on to find out more.

You Can Make Your Own Wine

how to make my own wine

You Can Make Your Own Wine: With just a couple of inexpensive ingredients, you can brew your own glass of wine. Sweet and satisfying, this recipe can uplift your mood with its heady notes.

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