Q: What are your top five great gluten-free products for kids?
A: There are so many brands and products today in the gluten-free industry, it’s hard to keep track!  It’s wonderful for those of us dealing with food allergies, but keep in mind that many gluten-free products contain artificial ingredients or are just as highly-processed as their gluten-containing counterparts. I try to stick with as many whole foods as possible with my family, even in our gluten-free choices.  Just because you may need to avoid gluten, you can enjoy many delicious whole foods from proteins (meats, poultry, fish) to fruits and vegetables, as well as gluten-free grains including rice, quinoa, and buckwheat.  You can make delicious risotto, a summer quinoa salad with grilled vegetables, or banana buckwheat pancakes – or some tasty hash brown potatoes – that are gluten free and nutritious!

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