Halloween is all about becoming crafty and creative, even with your food! These Halloween treat bags are festive, spooky, and can be made with the kiddos for a family-fun activity.

While popcorn in itself may not seem like a spooky-looking treat, it definitely will once you complete this DIY activity with the kids. The popcorn can be left in its traditional manner — yellow, buttery, and popped — or it can be dyed different colors and drizzled with chocolate.

You can also swap out the popcorn for caramel corn instead. The caramel corn will make these Halloween treat bags a sweeter snack. We’ve tried mixing caramel corn with other candy like Reese’s pieces with success. The resulting treat bags have an equally festive appearance and tasty result.

You don’t need to be a DIY guru or have any major talent to make these Halloween treat bags. The beauty of this project is that it’s really simple to create, making it a wonderful activity to get the kids participating in.

While these popcorn treat bags may not be a feasible substitute for the loads of candy you pass out on Halloween night, they’re definitely appropriate as Halloween goodie bags that your kids can take to school or that you can pass out to close family and friends as a festive holiday gift.

popcorn hands for halloween treat bags

To make these Halloween treat bags, here’s what you’ll need:

  • Clear, disposable gloves (food contact gloves work well)
  • Candy corn
  • Popcorn
  • Orange ribbon
  • Plastic spider rings


  1. Drop a candy corn into each finger in the glove.
  2. Fill the glove with popcorn, taking care to ensure the fingers are fully stuffed with popcorn.
  3. Tie the wrist part of the glove closed with a piece of ribbon.
  4. Slide a plastic spider ring onto one of the fingers.

Some other variations of these treat bags include filling the tips of the fingers with chocolate eyeballs or mixing in M&Ms with the popcorn. You can also tie the bag shut with other colors of ribbon or use raffia. The popcorn can also be dyed different colors or swapped out for caramel corn instead.

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