Single life has its fair share of positives, but when it comes to mealtimes, things can get downright depressing. Don’t feel like you’re forced to depend on take away, especially when you can just follow our simple tips to give your go-to foods a tasty and healthy makeover, without spending more than a few minutes.

1. Shake & Blend: Investing in a blender is a good idea. It doesn’t cost much and comes with the convenience of a myriad health benefits combined in one single drink. Prepare a range of smoothies with fresh fruits and vegetables.

2. Dress Up Your Ready-To-Eat Meals: Instant noodles, canned food and other ready-to-make items might be your most sought-after meal options, but you can’t deny the fact that they are very low in nutrition and end  up tasting monotonous. Transform them into healthy and flavorful dishes with a little mix and match of other ingredients. Yoou could whip up your instant noodles with a variety of veggies and a few pieces of meat, combine your canned fish with tacos, add a bunch of finely chopped herbs or drizzle your dish with some olive oil. It’s simple, really.

3. Freeze & Re-Purpose Leftovers: If you find the time (and the inclination) to cook a few times a week, refrigerate the leftovers for later use. You can get creative with the stored foods. Check out these easy, delicious recipe ideas for reinventing your food in quick and interesting ways:

4. Snack On Juicy Treats: Cut and store a variety of fruit to satisfy your hunger pangs on lazy or rushed days. They are high in nutrition and perfect for snacking. Feel free to add some crushed nuts to add some crunch to them.

5. Embrace Eggs: There is nothing easier than cooking an egg, which is one of nature’s best, tastiest and most wholesome foods. Go for easy and quick recipes like:

6. Invest In Your Favorites: Love fast food? Cut down on the expense and instead spend some time fixing your unhealthy favorites by cooking them yourself. Here’s how to make them healthier and lighter:

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