The month-long gap between Thanksgiving and New Year presents you with quite a few indulgent dinners and parties. We can’t blame you for gorging on sugar-laden cookies and pies, buttery roasts, and greasy ribs. At the same time, you don’t want to let the feast add extra baggage for the next year. Here’s how you could outsmart holiday weight, without being a party pooper.

1. Treat It As An Everyday Meal
You wouldn’t go for a second helping of gravy, or double up the pie on a regular day. Then why do it during the holidays? Satiate your taste buds with a couple of treats, but don’t overeat to the point of hitting the wall.

2. Beware Of Appetizers
It’s easy to wolf down dozens of appetizers even before you sit down for dinner. Appetizers contribute to 10 percent of your calorie intake during a holiday meal. Go easy on them. You could trick yourself into doing so by keeping your hands busy with a glass of wine.

3. Plate Up Wisely
Scout the entire spread before you dig in. This will give you a chance to visualize your food instead of mindlessly taking everything. If you’re really serious about maintaining a good waistline, add the dish names to your calorie counter and estimate the calorie intake before you plate up.

4. Take The Vice-Virtue (25-75) Approach
Fill 25 percent of your plate with ‘vice’ foods such as roast potatoes, stuffing, ham or anything dripping with calories. The rest of the 75 percent must be the ‘virtue’ foods like veggies, fruits and grains. This way, you could feel satisfied without sinning.

5. Keep The Buffet At Bay
This is a useful trick to avoid the second or third helping, especially for a dish you’ve really liked. Once you plate up, move away to the furthest side of the buffet. Without easy access, you’re bound to think it through before you swoop.

6. Have Fun, Not Just The Food
There’s so much excitement around holiday food that the fun side of the meet is forgotten. This year, make it a point to have more conversations, meet new people, take a few selfies and dance the night away.

7. Park Your Car At A Distance
If you think you’re going to indulge anyway, prepare to burn the fat soon after. It would be a good idea to park the car half a mile down the road, so that you could do a quick walk before you settle for the night. Or, you could also skip the car ride altogether and take the subway home. This way, you’ll be walking quite a bit and burning some of that guilt off.

You don’t have to skip the holiday meals someone has so thoughtfully prepared. So go ahead, indulge in moderation.