It’s no revelation that most of the food grown commercially today is sprayed with pesticides. When you consume these foods, the pesticides get transferred to the body as well. Such infiltration could seriously impact your health.

Some may argue that organic food is expensive, and is therefore not a convenient eating option. The family in this video had similar views, until they found out what was really happening to their bodies. Watch the video to know what happened after they switched to organic for two weeks:

 To help you decide better, we share some key benefits of organic food:

  • The food crops are grown without the use of synthetic pesticides, irradiation, artificial fertilizer or biotechnology.
  • Organic farming is good for the environment, as it does not use chemicals or artificial farming methods. This benefits the soil and water, reducing pollution.
  • Any food labeled ‘organic’ contains at least 70 percent organic ingredients, as per the USDA.
  • Organic processed food does not contain hydrogenated fat, which is linked to heart disease.

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