Flowers are a great way to add colors to your life. Guess what: they needn’t be limited to your garden and vases. Use the beautiful hues in your food—that’s right—because some varieties of flowers are edible. Moreover, they add a distinctive flavor profile to the recipes. What’s best? Some of them pack in nutritional value too. We’ve got five such blossoms for you to try.

1. Anise Hyssop


The fragrant, beautiful lavender-hued flowers of anise hyssop have a mildly sweet, licorice-like flavor. They’re also known to maintain healthy digestion, relieve menstrual pain, soothe a sore throat and other respiratory infections, promote skin care and clear toxins from the body. Use the delicate flowers as garnish with Chinese recipes and salads. Anise hyssop also makes good herbal tea.

2. Wild Rose


These deep pink blossoms are prized for their scent, beauty and medicinal value. They have a taste similar to the traditional variety of rose, with a stronger flavor. Wild roses are a powerhouse of nutrients like vitamin C, D, E and B3, vitamin A, as well as zinc. They help strengthen the immune system and detoxify the body, while also soothing menstrual unrest and supporting the reproductive system. You can use all—the petals, buds and rose hips in food. They pair up best with baked goods.

3. Chicory


Its mildly bitter yet pleasant earthy flavors remind us of endive. They are enjoyed with both their petals as well as buds. Chicory is said to be a good coffee substitute, good for digestive health. It is also beneficial in reducing stress and losing weight. Try pickling chicory flowers, or adding them to salad with some dandelion flowers.
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4. Lemon Verbena


These cream-colored blooms have a rich citrusy flavor. The antioxidant properties of lemon verbena boost immunity and promote cellular health. These flowers are said to improve speed and endurance, also reducing the risk of muscle damage. Add them to your custards and flans to get an exquisite flavor.

5. Borage


The vibrant blue star-shaped flowers of borage provide a cooling effect with its cucumber-like taste. It is high in vitamin C and vitamin A. Good for eyes, skin and digestion, it helps in relieving stress and promotes a good mood. Add them in chilled soups, sorbets, lemonade and dips.

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