You’d think that a svelte actress like Eva Mendes surely follows a rigorous diet regime that would demand her to restrict her calorie intake, that she’d say no to her favorite foods. But the 41-year-old Hollywood star has something to teach us about healthy eating.

Mother of a nine-month-old, Eva says that she eats whatever she wishes to, but in moderation. This, of course, is coupled with regular exercise. But she has gone on record to say, “I think eating anything you want is good, as long as it’s in moderation.”

Eating in moderation is a subjective term, but as long as you eat to meet the dietary needs of your body and avoid excessive consumption, you’re right on track. This also means that you have the freedom to choose what you eat, without falling in the trap of fad diets and starvation. That being said, we urge you to stay away from greasy, sugary and/or sodium-rich foods. [Also read: Quick Fix Munchies To Deal With Hunger Pangs]

By eating in moderation, you not only choose to free yourself from the bonds of dieting, but also begin to understand yourself and your body better. Conscious consumption will inherently compel you to make better choices too. [Also read: What Is Mindful Eating?]

So what will you pick: a rigorous diet plan, or a way of life that allows you to enjoy everything, but in moderation?

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