No, we’re not asking you to wolf down a 10-ounce double beef burger in 10 minutes. These food challenges are, in fact, all about achieving good health. If you want to put your will-power to test, and really find your fitter self, we dare you to take up one of these:

  1. Tap the chef in you, and learn a new cooking technique this year. Whether it’s baking, searing, blanching or simply poaching an egg perfectly, dedicate the year towards acing the technique. All of these are healthier alternatives to deep-frying.
  2. Weekends are all about enjoying rich, heavy meals. That’s why, make it a point to go meatless on a Monday. Make yourself a light salad or a veggie soup for both your main meals of the day.
  3. Buy a grain you’ve never tried before and cook it at home. Challenge yourself to try amaranth, quinoa, polenta, bulgur, and farro. They are all super healthy, and easy to cook.
  4. Pick your preferred food and try reinventing it into a healthier version of it. Try some of our healthy favorites like pizza, fried chicken, apple pie et al.
  5. Prepare the perfect roast chicken, so that you can ace it until Christmas. Stuff it with assorted veggies for a wholesome, healthy meal for the entire family.
  6. Make your own salad in a jar and woo your friends at work.
  7. Take up gardening, so that you can grow your own herbs at home.
  8. Try a cuisine you’ve never tried before. Light and healthy Malay or Vietnamese cooking, perhaps?
  9. Twice a week, opt for vegan alternatives while cooking. And it’s not very difficult; here are a few simple ways to veganize your everyday meals.
  10. Keep up with the healthy food trends of 2015. Make sure you try them all by the end of the year.
  11. Also make sure you’ve tried all these trending superfoods for 2015.
  12. Clean out your refrigerator, and reorganize it with healthy staples.
  13. Dedicate a cabinet for spices, and flavor your foods with them. You’ll never use high-calorie sauces again.
  14. Rearrange your kitchen, so that you stock up on healthy pantry staples and let go of the unhealthy ones. This way, the kids will eat better too.
  15. Cook healthy meals three times a week. This may be the toughest one on the list, but if you’re up for the challenge, then you’ll be happy to reap its benefits.

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After pursuing her Masters in Journalism, Vanessa got her first big job as a health writer and since then, she has never switched paths. She has always been intrigued by the wonders of a holistic lifestyle, and believes it was destiny that led her to writing for the wellness industry. In her natural state, you can find her tucked under a blanket watching an Indie film, or reading obsessively. At Z Living, she writes about food trends and other daily life expeditions.