If you’ve ever wondered how the French keep cardiovascular diseases at bay, it could be because of their favorite ingredient that they so liberally use in their cuisine: cheese.

A new study by Aarhus University, Denmark reports that consumption of cheese elevates the levels of butyrate in the body. It is a compound produced by gut bacteria that is linked to reduction in bad cholesterol levels. Moreover, when compared to butter with the same fat content, cheese was found to be healthier.

A few more reasons why cheese is good for you:

  • It is an excellent source of proteins, which are the building blocks of the body. A protein-rich meal keeps you satiated for a long time, keeps you active and energized while also benefiting your immunity.
  • High in calcium, cheese keeps your teeth and bones strong, guarding against tooth decays and osteoporosis.
  • The zinc and biotin content in cheese promotes hair, eyes, nails and skin health.
  • Cheese also comprises tryptophan, an amino acid which lowers stress and promotes sound sleep.

As always, we suggest you practice moderation, and stick to the low-fat, low-sodium variety of cheese.

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