When in England, you must try their signature, crisp fish and chips.  But as it turns out, the recipe might not be theirs, to begin with. Ask some of the Italian historians, and they’ll tell you that England’s national dish, fish and chips, was actually invented in their country.

These experts claim that it was the immigrants who came from Venice, who brought the recipe to the British Isles. Why has this come into the news only now? The claims about the origin of the dish surfaced when Roman civic chiefs added a bunch of traditional British meals to their schools’ menus. However, when it came to propagating the culinary heritage of European nations, they claimed that the classic combination of fish and chips actually belonged to Italy.

One of the references for these claims was based on the novel Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens, wherein the protagonist suggested that this food indeed was introduced to Britain by Venetian immigrants.

However, this claim has faced flak from several food lovers and chefs. While you pick sides, enjoy these healthy fish recipes:

Crispy Three Flavor Fish

Healthy Fish & Chips Recipe
Curry Beer Battered Monkfish

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