Ironic as it might sound, the sugary cotton candy was created by a dentist. The fact dates back to the 15th century. Specialty bakeries in Italy boiled sugar syrup in a pan and flicked it out with forks to create decorative wispy strands called ‘spun sugar’. However, the process was difficult. The sugar was produced only in small quantities and sold exclusively to the elite class. In fact, it continued to be a favorite among the wealthy for 300 years.

In 1897, William James Morrison, a 37-year-old dentist from Tennessee, decided that everyone should enjoy this sugary treat. A dentist by profession and a confectioner by passion, he designed and co-patented a device called the electric candy machine. It could rapidly spin and melt sugar through small holes till it was fluffy and nearly 70 percent air. At that point, he called it fairy floss. The concept caught on and was renamed candy floss, based on the name of the machine.

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