One of the world’s most loved treats, chocolate chip cookie was created by accident.

Hadn’t Ruth Graves Wakefield run out of baker’s chocolate, we would have stayed oblivious to this delicious creation. It was back in 1930, while baking chocolate butter drop cookies for her guests, Ruth, a dietician and food lecturer, realized that she’s out of bakers chocolate. She had already chopped up a block of semi-sweet chocolate, so she decided to mix these pieces with the cookie dough, expecting them to melt, as regular baking chocolate would. However, the pieces retained their shape, reducing to moist and soft ‘chips’. The resulting cookie tasted wonderful with these little chunks of chocolate. Ruth decided to named her new invention “chocolate crunch cookie.”

Presently, 7 billion chocolate chip cookies are consumed in the United States each year. They continue to be a favorite with kids and adults alike. Go ahead, bake your own batch, with this Banana Oats Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe.

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