You know that fruits like peach, plum, apricot, nectarine and almond fruit are closely related, and contain similar pits. But did you know that there’s a nut hidden inside each of them, which possesses anti-cancer properties?

These fruits all contain a hard pit. When you crack it open, you’ll find a small kernel, often referred to as the ‘nut’ of the fruit. As it turns out, this nut or kernel is a nutritional powerhouse. It contains high concentrations of a chemical called laetrile, amygdalin, or vitamin B-17.

Studies claim that laetrile can induce targeted cell death in cancer cells, without harming the healthy cells. This happens because the chemical is comprised of four separate molecules including two of glucose, one of cyanide and one of benzaldyhide. Of the four, cyanide and benzaldyhide are toxic, but are bound up in a non-bioavailable form. According to studies, cancer cells have an enzyme called beta-glucosidase that breaks apart the components of laetrile. When this happens, the combination of benzaldyhide and cyanide gets released and in turn, eliminates the cancer cells. Healthy cells do not break down laetrile, thus do not get affected by it.

The simplest way to reap the benefits of the recent findings, is to consume the aforementioned fruits, while retaining the pits and eating the kernels as well. You could also use the fruits in these recipes:

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