pineapple juice

Pineapple is not related to the pines, nor is it an apple. In fact, it isn’t even a single fruit. This tropical fruit is actually a group of berries. How, then, did it get its name?

Based on its resemblance to pine cones, the Spanish called it “the pine of the Indies”, whereas the English found it to be as sweet as an apple. Therefore, the joint name. Speaking of joint, pineapple is actually a group of berries fused together (coalesced fruit). They grow together on the central, fleshy stalk, and as each flower develops into fruit, the mass of individual berries comes together.

This unique fruit is a favorite for food and dessert the world over. It has multiple benefits for the skin, the hair, and overall health. Its manganese content strengthens the bones, the antioxidant content keeps you looking young, and its bromelain helps prevent sinusitis. Pineapple is also known to have anti-cancer properties. Not to forget, it tastes delicious. So the next time you eat pineapple, remember that you’re really eating a bunch of berries.

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