Many of us think that natural food is the same as organic, and both are produced without the use of chemicals and pesticides. However, that may not necessarily be true. Even though the label “natural” suggests that these foods are minimally processed, and do not contain any artificial additives, in reality, there is no FDA or USDA rule that binds these products to follow a strict set of regulations.

On the other hand, organic produce is a highly regulated to the food system. This ensures that there are no toxic, synthetic pesticides or chemicals used during the production and manufacturing of these foods.

Many manufacturers loosely use the label “natural” on their food, so be wary of such labels and use your discretion when you buy such products. If you’re looking at picking up healthy, natural food for your family, look for foods that are categorized as being organic. It would also make sense to grow your own food, including herbs and everyday vegetables.

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