Diet changes with change is weather and temperature. Try out these foods for your body type based on the weather.
Potassium is not a popular mineral but our health depends on it. Lack of it could be the reason for poor heart health.
Boost the immune system, skin health and prevent cancer with this natural moisturizer.

Heart Healthy Diet

Studies show that eating a heart healthy diet can reduce your risk of heart disease or stroke by 80%.
You can use this grain-based food to make pasta or an exotic Moroccan dish. For more on couscous, read our article.
Technically, a fruit is “the sweet and fleshy product of a tree or plant that contains seeds and can be eaten as food.” You know what that means? Many of our favorite foods that we've treated as vegetables all this time are actually fruit!
Here's a list of breakfast ideas that will make sure you eat breakfast like a king.
Diabetes or not, overeating is not good for blood sugar control or weight management.
From sushi to baked salmon, fish offers a great source of essential nutrients and can be quite delicious. Detailed here are the many excellent health benefits of fish.
Muffins are an excellent portable snack that can fill you up any time of the day. Fortunately, there are healthy muffin recipes so you can enjoy those sumptuous goodies minus the guilt.