Diabetes or not, overeating is not good for blood sugar control or weight management.
From sushi to baked salmon, fish offers a great source of essential nutrients and can be quite delicious. Detailed here are the many excellent health benefits of fish.
Muffins are an excellent portable snack that can fill you up any time of the day. Fortunately, there are healthy muffin recipes so you can enjoy those sumptuous goodies minus the guilt.
What makes coconut oil an ideal ingredient for cooking and for personal use?
Tofu is a healthy alternative to meat and with the right ingredients you can make a wide variety of dishes.
Everyone's favorite granola bar snack can be bought at any store. But do they beat homemade ones in health? We find out.
Let go of meat successfully and go vegetarian for all round well-being.

Top Fat Burning Foods

Make sure to include fat-burning foods in your healthy weight loss plan.
These bacteria help with digestion and reduce symptoms of acid reflux and stomach ailments.
The raw food diet has as many followers as well as critics. Do read this post and decide for yourself!