Spring is a great time to clear out the clutter from your house. But don’t just stop at the dust and dirt that gathers around; go ahead and make some positive changes to your kitchen too. Toss away all the unwanted, unhealthy junk that you’ve always wanted to give up.

1. Sneaky Snacks: Potato chips, pretzels, cookies, and cheese doodles are all foods that might satiate your taste buds, but not your hunger; nor do they provide you with any kind of nourishment. Cast them away to make more space for healthier snacking options.

2. Trans Fats: There is no way trans fats can do you any good. These foods have been linked to cholesterol, diabetes and cardiovascular disease too. Look out for labels that read ‘partially hydrogenated’, which indicates the presence of trans fats. Other common foods with trans fats are: cake mixes and frosting, pancake and waffle mixes, non-dairy creamers, packaged cookies, packaged pudding and the likes. This season, remove them from your pantry.

3. Added Sugar: Any food with considerable amounts of added sugar can lead to an expanding waistline. Scan the labels of food products; if sugar has been listed as one of the initial ingredients, then there might be a couple of added sugars present as well. You might want to check your breakfast cereal, packaged dessert and pudding, and granola bars for hidden sugar.

4. Refined Grains: Any food made from refined grains not only lacks the nutrients that could otherwise be obtained from whole grain products, but also causes a spike in your blood sugar levels. White flour, regular pasta, and rice are some of the products you must let go of, opting instead, for whole grain flour and healthier pasta varieties.

5. Salt Bombs: Clear your pantry of foods like ready-to-eat soup and noodles, bottled sauces, and chips, as they are loaded with salt and can wreak havoc to your blood pressure, especially if it is high. Always opt for low-sodium products.

You could gather such food products and donate them to a local shelter, instead of trashing them altogether. Now that you’ve cleared your pantry, make sure you stock up on fresh, healthy produce.

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