One of the best ways to stay refreshed and cool this summer is by filling up on fresh, seasonal fruits. It’s ideal to stock the pantry with these:

  1. Apple: This summer favorite is full of phytonutrients and antioxidants that reduce the risk of heart disease, blood pressure, hypertension, diabetes, and several types of cancer. Tart and sweet at the same time, it’s the most versatile fruit that can be incorporated in sweet and savory meals. Enjoy the tasty fruit in your muffins, or make a refreshing apple-melon drink out of it.
  2. Muskmelon: Loaded with dietary fiber, muskmelon is a go-to fruit for those suffering from digestive problems. Its vitamin C, vitamin A and beta-carotene content boosts immunity, supports cellular health and is also good for the eyes. Muskmelons are cholesterol-free, and a good source of potassium, which makes them an excellent fruit for heart patients. You can simply have it raw, or make a glass of fresh muskmelon juice.
  3. Pear: This dessert special is a powerhouse of phytonutrients and dietary fiber. It protects the body from heart diseases and type-2 diabetes, and has also been reported to lower the risk of various types of cancers.  Poached, baked, pureed or crumbled, pears make a number of delicious dishes.
  4. Cherries: These little fruits will keep you looking pretty, by slowing down aging. Their antioxidant content aids in sleep, soothes muscle/joint pain, and improves memory. Anthocyanins that give cherries their signature color, also protect the heart. It is easy to include cherries in your diet as they come in so many forms: dried, steeped in alcohol, frozen and fresh.
  5. Grapes: The red, green and purple hues of grapes are great for your heart and eye health, thanks to the high antioxidant content. Grapes keep the body hydrated, thus maintain a healthy digestive system. Its anti-inflammatory effects are helpful in alleviating certain allergies. Toss them into a fruit salad to enjoy a healthy summer treat.
  6. Mango: Bright yellow and full of fiber, mango packs in essential vitamins and antioxidants. It helps in digestion, fights cancer and regulates diabetes. Mango is also a natural skin cleanser, plus, it tastes delightful! Here’s how to enjoy this sweet, juicy fruit.

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