American retail giant Target has decided to stop selling certain brands of sugary cereal, canned food and mac and cheese, Washington Post reported.

Recently, the retail company gathered some of America’s largest food companies and told them that many of their packaged products would not be featured the same way in the future. This shift comes as a surprise, and could have a serious impact on the health of the packaged food industry. But it is, what we believe, good news for our health.

This doesn’t mean that you will no longer get your favorite cereals and bars at Target; it just means that they would focus more on the promotion of healthier foods, including low-calorie and eco-friendly organic products.

Although the decision is part of a rejiggering of the company’s business model, we feel it’s a good step towards promoting healthy living. Once you clean your diet of all the packaged and processed food, you can truly get started with eating right and leading a healthier life.

We’re also of the opinion that your favorite packaged foods can be made at home in a more nutritious way. Simply follow our recipes:

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