Singer-turned-fashion designer, and healthy eating enthusiast, Victoria Beckham has reportedly banned her husband David Beckham from indulging in any kinds of snacks.

It was also reported that the erstwhile Posh Spice cleared out the treats she keeps for her children Brooklyn, 16, Romeo, 12, Cruz, 10, and three-year-old Harper, because David kept snacking on them. It got to a point where she stopped buying carb-loaded foods, even the granola bars that she used to buy her kids, because the hubby couldn’t keep his hands off. Taking matters into her own hands, she also insisted that he keep away from his favorite meals, such as buttery pies and mashed potatoes, until he drops at least 15 pounds.

But don’t judge Posh as being the strict, controlling wife. Snacking (on the wrong foods) is a serious health issue; it can jeopardize one’s diet and lead to unwanted weight gain. While it’s healthy to have small, frequent meals to keep your metabolism active, you must ensure that you snack right. If you find yourself reaching for chips, pretzels, sausages and unhealthy food to satiate hunger, follow these tips to change your ways:

  1. Eat High Fiber Food: Leafy greens, beans and mushrooms are low on calories, but keep you feeling full for longer. Add such foods to your meals, and drink plenty of water all day, to avoid impulsive eating.
  2. Prevent Midnight Snacking: If you eat dinner at 6pm and sleep at midnight, you are bound to get hungry closer to bedtime (and likely to eat quick, greasy snacks). Schedule your meal in such a way that you eat two to four hours before sleeping.
  3. Clear The Kitchen Of Pitfall Foods: Chips, candy, cookies or even leftover pizza should be kept out of your pantry at all times, because when you get a hunger pang, you’re more likely to choose these ‘comfort’ foods. Not only are they calorie-laden, but also take longer to digest, thus burdening your digestive system.
  4. Check For Triggers: Analyze your behavior to check what really causes you to snack. If afternoon boredom makes you want to reach out for those rice krispies or granola bars, schedule some fun activities around that time. Take a walk, or just call a friend to distract yourself. Another helpful trick is to quickly brush your teeth and floss after a meal, thus discouraging you from eating anything later on.
  5. Be Prepared With Plan B: If none of the above tips work and the hunger is driving you crazy, be ready with plan B. Stock up on super healthy eatables so that you can satisfy the craving without pressuring your diet. Air-popped corn, dark chocolate, celery sticks, or simply an apple, make for guilt-free snacks.

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