There’s plenty of information out there about why you should quit meat, but figuing out how to do it is tough. That’s why JD Roth—host of Z Living’s original series The Big Fat Truthputs everyone who comes on the show on a whole-food, plant-based diet. By seeing people go plant-based and thrive on the show, we’ve learned that you need to educate yourself, make the experience enjoyable, and have a support network to effectively cut meat from your diet. 

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Follow these simple steps to learn how to quit eating meat:

Look At The Most Frightening Facts About Meat

Eating meat has been linked to increased risk of cancer, heart disease, autoimmune diseases, weight gain, and erectile dysfunction. Additionally, watching movies like Food Inc.—which blows the lid off the highly controversial factory farming industry—will add an emotional element to the toll meat takes on you.

Also, if you look at what happens when you don’t eat meat, it’s equally effective. When we spoke to leading nutrition expert and best-selling author Dr. Michael Greger, he said the whole-food, plant-based diet is, “The only diet that’s ever been proven to reverse heart disease in the majority of patients. If that’s all a plant-based diet can do—reverse the number-one killer of men and women—shouldn’t that be the default until proven otherwise?” 

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Be Creative & Have Fun Going Meatless

Once you have the medical facts, then you need to educate yourself on what the actual experience of quitting meat is like. Most people think it’s going to be this bland, boring lifestyle, but that’s hardly the case.

One of the most surprising turns of the vegan and vegetarian revolutions has been how the trends have taken off in the world of gastronomy. Some of the world’s best chefs have explored the world of plant-based dishes, and you can too.

For starters, you can try your favorite barbecue sauce with some pulled jackfruit. You can explore the millions of ways to prepare tofu. You can bring back your favorite Sunday snacks with something like buffalo cauliflower. There’s just so much to try in the world of meatless eating.

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