Going vegan isn’t just a lifestyle choice, it’s more of a trend now. Without doubt, there are quite a few health and environmental advantages to it. But if you’re still looking for a good reason to give up on dairy and meat, we give you 15. Here’s how a vegan life could benefit you:

  1. Aids Weight Loss: Studies claim that people on a vegan diet are much leaner than those who aren’t. In general, they are upto 30 pounds leaner in terms of the BMI. This is because vegans don’t consume fatty meat or dairy products that are loaded with calories.
  2. Keeps Protein Consumption In Check: An average American ends up eating twice as much protein required by the body, by being on a meaty diet. Eating plant sources of proteins like beans and grains will keep this in check.
  3. Prevents Osteoporosis: Protein has been said to be both, detrimental and beneficial to bone health. Now that you’re eating appropriate amounts of protein, your bones won’t suffer. In addition to that, being on a vegan diet also provides you with adequate calcium, potassium and sodium to support your bone health.
  4. Keeps Sneaky Hormones Away: It is a widely accepted practice in the meat industry to give the animals certain hormones to speed up their growth. Eating such meats causes your own hormones to get imbalanced.
  5. No More Puberty Woes: Being vegan ensures you hit puberty at the right age. Since 1950, girls have begun reaching puberty at the age six and seven, which is easily a couple of years sooner than normal. The hormones present in non-organic meat and dairy could be the culprit.
  6. Prevents Hormone-Injected Tumors: Some hormones given to animals have also shown to cause serious tumor growths in human bodies.
  7. Avoids Antibiotics: Non-organic feed animals are usually given antibiotics. Some of them include the doses given to humans for treating infections. Veganism avoids such drug intake, which you could otherwise become resistant to.
  8. Avoids Toxins: Non-organic meat contains toxins produced by stress and pesticide residue from the crops that animals eat. You don’t want such ingredients entering your body.
  9. Prevents Heart Disease: The number one cause of death in the United States can be dodged by following a clean, low-carbohydrate vegan diet.
  10. Keeps You Energetic: Science as well as Ayurveda claim that eating meat can slow you down. Being vegan keeps you well-nourished and provides sufficient energy to get you through the day.
  11. Longer Life Expectancy: By opting for a plant-based diet, men can live 9.5 years more, and women can live 6.1 years more than their meat-eating peers.
  12. Prevents Food Poisoning: Research suggests that salmonella and campylobacter bacteria cause 80 percent of all food poisoning illnesses and 75 percent of all deaths from contaminated meat. It’s time to give it up.
  13. Protects The Ecosystem: Forest, grassland and agricultural waste is burnt down for animal farming. Annually, this produces 100,000,000 ton of methane, a greenhouse grass that causes global warming. Veganism provides an ethical solution to the pollution caused by industrial farming.
  14. Stops Animal Cruelty: Films like Meet Your Meat expose the brutality that goes into procuring meat. If you feel for animals, you must consider the vegan life.
  15. Saves The Rain Forests: American rain forests continue to get cleared out in order to raise cattle. If this goes at the present rate, in about 50 years there will be none left. Veganism helps cut the demand for cattle, by promoting plant-based foods.

With the world’s resources are getting stretched to their breaking point, veganism offers a more ethical form of living. Moreover, a vegan diet can be better for your health than the traditional meat-heavy American diet. With careful planning, you can adopt this lifestyle and reap its benefits.

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