Vegan Diet

With November 1 being World Vegan Day 2015, we thought we’d revisit the vegan diet, which basically more or less involves consuming only plant-based food. Here’s a brief outline of veganism for a quick run through.
Kids on special diets tend to get bullied often and if your child is vegan, this means his or her diet is limited to non-meat, non-dairy foods, making this more likely to happen. This World Vegan Day, help make this history with our simple steps.
Use our cheat sheet to substitute eggs with these common ingredients for vegan baking.
If you’re a beer-loving vegan, then find out more about the drink before guzzling down a ton. We tell you how to pick the right brew for your special needs.
We tell you how to go about shopping for dairy-free alternatives and get the best, healthiest version of milk for your vegan diet.
Here are seven important nutrients that are abundantly found in meat and meat products.
Is raising a vegan child a risky move? Let’s take a look at the four main concerns plaguing parents who are considering this drastic lifestyle shift.
The raw vegan diet has its share of pros and cons. If you plan to adopt it, then read on to fully understand the concept before you change your lifestyle.
Here's a quick guide to the different varieties of tofu, with tips on creating delicious recipes in your vegan kitchen.
Find out how to use almond milk in your vegan kitchen, and refer to our DIY recipe to make your own delicious version at home.