Vegan Diet

This banana pudding recipe with chia seeds is your healthy alternative to classic banana pudding. No need for a cheat day or any refined sugar when you've got this delicious recipe on hand. We've all heard about the amazing health...
You may be surprised to learn that making the switch to the vegan diet doesn't necessarily mean you are going to become healthy or stay healthy. While a vegan diet does eliminate many foods that can have negative effects...
Is there a better treat on a warm day than a cold scoop of ice cream? Well, now you can make your own ice cream right at home! This no-churn vegan ice cream recipe is a creamy and delicious...
If you're looking for a vegetarian meal that's delicious, filling, and won't make you miss meat at all, then you should give this falafel recipe a try. Made with ground legumes, spices, and fresh herbs, these veggie balls are bursting...
A recipe for low-carb roasted Brussels sprouts soup. A creamy and delicious, vegetarian soup that's perfect for the cold weather.
With November 1 being World Vegan Day 2015, we thought we’d revisit the vegan diet, which basically more or less involves consuming only plant-based food. Here’s a brief outline of veganism for a quick run through.
Kids on special diets tend to get bullied often and if your child is vegan, this means his or her diet is limited to non-meat, non-dairy foods, making this more likely to happen. This World Vegan Day, help make this history with our simple steps.
Use our cheat sheet to substitute eggs with these common ingredients for vegan baking.
If you’re a beer-loving vegan, then find out more about the drink before guzzling down a ton. We tell you how to pick the right brew for your special needs.
We tell you how to go about shopping for dairy-free alternatives and get the best, healthiest version of milk for your vegan diet.