There are infinite number of easy vegetarian recipes to help you maintain a healthy and delicious meatless diet all year ’round. You can put a healthy twist on your barbecue by featuring tasty vegetables in appetizers, main dishes and sides, and enjoy healthy desserts with deep flavor by tossing fruit on the grill.

Our editors have gathered the most mouth-watering recipes for grills, sides and desserts for you to enjoy:

Fries, Slaws, & Sides

  1. Sweet Potato and Jicama Fries
  2. Grilled Romaine
  3. Chengdu Licorice Hot Slaw
  4. Jicama Slaw
  5. Summer Slaw
  6. Grilled Asparagus
  7. Roasted Corn with Cilantro Butter
  8. Grilled Eggplant with Miso Sauce
  9. Grilled Summer Squash
  10. Stuffed Mushrooms
  11. Grilled Zucchini with Mint Pesto and Feta

Easy Grilled Sandwiches

  1. Southern BBQ Seitan Sandwiches
  2. Black Bean Burgers
  3. Portobello Burgers
  4. Veggie Burgers
  5. Real Food Daily (RFD) Vegetarian Burgers

Desserts & Drinks

  1. Sweet Cinnamon Peaches
  2. Grilled Nectarines with Blackberries
  3. Frozen Banana Pops
  4. Payo’s Ginger Beer

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