5 Different Ways You Can Get Your CBD Medication

CBD or Cannabidiol has gained a lot of popularity recently in the medical cannabis industry as well as the health and wellness fields because of its medicinal benefits. CBD has been proven effective for helping to treat a variety of health issues ranging from cancer to epilepsy.

A lot of people praise this plant compound, especially because you can reap some of the same benefits of THC without experiencing any of the psychoactive effects normally associated with it. CBD is particularly popular for its anti-inflammatory qualities and its ability to relieve pain, muscle spasms and the feeling of anxiety.

It is mostly used in pill or tincture form, but now there are many other ways you can reap the medical benefits of this plant compound more than ever before.

The Different Ways You Can Use CBD

If you are looking for a new way to incorporate CBD into your medicinal regimen, try out some of these methods of administration.

CBD in Cannabis or Hemp

CBD can be derived from cannabis or hemp, but be aware that there are many differences between the two. Hemp is naturally low in THC and high in CBD. Hemp-based CBD oil tends to be more accessible, but it’s also likely to contain far less CBD than the oil sourced from cannabis.

CBD oil formulated by cannabis contains the added benefits of higher levels of complementary cannabinoids, which are believed to lend added benefits in conjunction with cannabidiol.

CBD Tinctures

For those who’ve never used one, a CBD tincture is a vegetable glycerin or alcohol-based cannabis extract that tends to be less concentrated than CBD oil. Tinctures can either be made at home or purchased from a trusted retailer. They normally come in many different concentrations or ratios of CBD and THC.

You can either mix your tincture into your food or drink and they are a very discreet method of administration for patients who need to take doses throughout the day.


CBD oil can be extracted from the whole plant of a CBD-heavy strain of cannabis using a distillation or a variety of solvents. CBD oil can be taken directly or it can be made into capsules to be taken like regular pills.

Keep in mind that it’s imperative to look for an oil that’s not extracted using neurotoxic additives, such as butane, which may leave dangerous residues in the final product that can jeopardize your health.

Lotions and Other Topical Products

CBD topicals can provide anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties. CBD topicals can help reduce inflammation, which can especially help people who suffer from ailments such as arthritic joint pain or muscle aches when they are applied to the skin.

CBD Sprays

CBD sprays or sublingual sprays are CBD tinctures that are meant to be administered by being sprayed under the tongue. Sublingual sprays, like CBD tinctures, are discreet and allow a patient to have a choice of different CBD to THC ratios, depending on what symptoms they’re trying to target or the time of day they’re administering their medication.

These are just a few methods of administrations that you could use depending on your purpose of personal preference. When looking to purchase any CBD product, make sure you purchase it from a trusted and established retailer to ensure that there are no toxic additives and that you are getting the highest quality to suit your medical needs.

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