Sore Throat

Why Is My Throat Sore?
Sore throats have numerous causes, either infectious or non-infectious. Infectious causes can be either viral or bacterial. Luckily there are many natural and easy-to-use natural remedies for sore throats that can be made from simple, low cost ingredients. If you have certain other symptoms accompanying your sore throat or if it does not go away after a week, you should consult with your doctor.

Natural Remedies
Natural remedies are best taken at the very first signs and symptoms of a sore throat. Natural remedies may help in the prevention or the healing of sore throats. Some people prefer them to over-the-counter medication because they tend to be low cost, easy to prepare and use, and have few side effects.

  1. Salt Water Gargle: One natural and cheap remedy is the gargling of warm salt water. Salt can be especially helpful for reducing the swelling of tonsils, because the salt draws out excess fluids and kills the harmful bacteria. Salt water may also provide pain relief and may reduce bad breath caused by the sore throat.
  2. Apple Cider Vinegar: Apple cider vinegar is a natural antiseptic and antibiotic. It can also reduce pain. Simply add 2 tbsp. of apple cider vinegar to warm water and gargle it. Because of the acidic taste, some people also add honey.
  3. Lemon & Honey: Lemon is a natural antiseptic and honey is a natural immune system builder. Honey may be added to a number of natural remedies as it is a great natural source of energy for those who are run down and it has antimicrobial properties. Honey is a natural anti-inflammatory so it can reduce the pain of sore throats. Add a tablespoon of honey to two tablespoons of lemon juice. Fresh lemon juice is better than bottled. You can mix this with boiled water to make a hot drink. (You may also want to add another anti-inflammatory like borage oil or chamomilel).
  4. Sage Water Gargle: Sage has antibacterial agents that fight bacteria in the throat. Put 2 tsp. of sage in a boiling water and add a little bit of salt. Let it cool. When cool, gargle the liquid. Sage not only treats sore throats, but also treats coughs, colds, and stomach problems.
  5. Honeysuckle Flower: Another natural remedy is the honeysuckle flower. This natural remedy is used by the Chinese as herbal medicine. Honeysuckle flower is known for treating sore throats. You can make honeysuckle tea by bringing one quart of water to a boil and adding one cup of honeysuckle flowers (not the leaves). Steep for at least 10 minutes, covered, and then strain. Up to four cups a day are typically recommended.
  6. Ginger Tea: Ginger (Zingiber officinalis) tea is also a good choice as the herb is a natural antiseptic and stimulates the circulation system. Simmer 10g grated fresh ginger root or ginger powder in a cup of water for ten minutes. Strain and add optionally a pinch of Cayenne pepper. Use as a gargle every 30 minutes.

Should I Go To The Doctor?
A sore throat is usually a minor health problem. However, if it is accompanied by other symptoms, such as a fever, dehydration, difficulty breathing, swollen glands, white patches on the back of your throat, or drooling you have been in contact with someone with Strep throat, then you should go to the doctor. You should also go if it does not go away after a week. It could be Strep throat or another serious health problem.