Balsam of Peru Oil | Keep Microbes at Bay and Protect Your Teeth

Using essential oils to heal various ailments has become a healthy and natural alternative to traditional medicine due to the specific health benefits that come with them. While many essential oils have gained popularity, there are plenty of oils that are still under the radar such as Balsam of Peru oil.

What Is Balsam of Peru Oil?

Balsam of Peru is a resinous substance that comes from a tree found in South and Central America and is known by the scientific name Myroxylon balsamum. The essential oil is derived from this resinous substance.

Although not widely known or used around the world, balsam of Peru essential oil has numerous health benefits. The essential oil has a pleasant aroma that resembles that of cinnamon and clove.

Uses of Balsam of Peru Oil

There are many uses of balsam of Peru oil due to its many beneficial properties. It is commonly used in aromatherapy and as a flavoring agent in dishes.

A few distinguishing methods for using balsam of Peru:

  • It acts as an anti-mite agent and prevents mite bites.
  • It can be used as an antiseptic for open wounds.
  • The oil serves as a fixative and prevents evaporation. This property is well utilized in preserving aroma and volatile solutions.
  • Balsam of Peru oil masks body odor and prevents excess perspiration.

Benefits of Balsam of Peru Oil

The health benefits of balsam of Peru oil can be attributed to its antiseptic, expectorant, stimulant, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antioxidant, stimulant and antiseptic properties.

The other significant health benefits include:

1. Prevents chronic diseases

Peru essential oil is known to stimulate the immune system to get rid of the harmful free radicals that cause many chronic diseases in the body.

2. Fights microbial infections

The ingredients of balsam of Peru oil are found to have an anti-microbial property. When applied topically, it forms a layer of defense to prevent the onset of diseases.

3. Cleanses the respiratory tract

The expectorant property of balsam of Peru oil is well utilized to clear out the respiratory tract filled with phlegm. Aromatherapy uses the diffused form of this oil to cure respiratory infections.

4. Alleviates anxiety and stress

Balsam of Peru oil is also used to relieve the body from extreme stress and anxiety. The oil is inhaled as a part of aromatherapy, which in turn stimulates the nervous system to release tension from the body.

5. Flushes harmful toxins

The diuretic property of balsam of Peru oil promotes the body to eliminate and flush out all harmful toxins from its system. By stimulating urination, the oil also helps in maintaining good kidney health.

6. Protects the hair

A mixture of balsam of Peru oil with water acts as a great cleanser for the scalp by removing and cleaning all the dead cells. The oil also nourishes the hair follicles and makes hair stronger with regular use.

7. Promotes strong teeth

The pleasant aroma and anti-microbial property of this essential oil make it an integral ingredient in toothpaste. Application of this oil keeps the microbes away and helps maintain oral hygiene as well as make the teeth stronger.

8. Reduces inflammation

The body responds to allergic reactions by the formation of skin inflammation. In such cases, balsam of Peru oil is found to be very useful due to the anti-inflammatory properties in the oil that helps combat and reduce local inflammation reactions.

Side Effects of Balsam of Peru Oil

With a lot of benefits coming from this essential oil, one must also be mindful of the side effects of over usage.

  1. The source of this essential oil makes it extremely allergic to specific skin types, therefore, all individuals should undergo a patch test first before its full-fledged application.
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