5 Reasons Why You Should Be Drinking Hot Water Every Morning

Drinking warm water in the morning has many benefits besides warming you up. Aside from your favorite tea bag being placed in there, just one cup of warm water can enhance your bodily functions. We’re going to share with you five reasons how.

1Weight Loss

Drinking warm water is probably the cheapest way to shed those extra pounds. Hot water increases the body temperature, which in turn works to increases the metabolic rate. This makes the body use more calories throughout the day. Warm water is also believed to discourage unhealthy snacking habits.


Warm water ensures the elimination of unwanted materials and toxic waste from the body by stimulating the digestive tract. It improves the metabolic rate, which accelerates digestion of food, and relieves symptoms of acid reflux by neutralizing the digestive juices. Warm water is also a known remedy for constipation.

3Colds & Cough

Add some honey and lemon to your glass of warm water and you have an effective natural remedy to fight the nasty flu. Vitamin C from lemons has been long celebrated for its immune-boosting properties.

Honey with its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties is the perfect cure for common viral infections. The warm water also soothes an itchy throat and works as an expectorant.


The skin cleansing properties of warm water make it an important anti-aging agent. A glass of warm water each morning can make your skin look younger by increasing its elasticity and softness and scavenging the free radicals from the body, which are the worst offenders for premature aging. You can also wash your face with warm water daily to keep your skin acne-free.

5Pain Relief

It is a well-known fact that warm water baths work to soothe muscles and joints pain. Warm water also improves blood circulation and aids in flushing toxins out from the body. This works particularly well for arthritis patients, as it reduces stiffness and pain

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