Can Coffee Help You Live Longer? 1

In light of a new study that says coffee can help you live longer, the next time you make plans to meet a friend, why not do it over a cup of coffee?

The Latest Study on Coffee

While some vouch for different types of herbal teas, there are others who have positive things to say about that cup of Joe you enjoy in the morning, afternoon … or any time of the day.

A study conducted with almost 500,000 British adults found that even though coffee may not be the elixir of life, it could increase longevity while supporting other aspects of health too. The findings of this study are backed by older studies, conducted in the U.S., which showed similar results.

The study, which followed coffee drinkers for a decade, has found that the subjects stood a 10-15 percent less chance of death than non-coffee drinkers. The study also showed that coffee may help individuals with genetic problems affecting the processing of caffeine.

Research conducted at the National Cancer Institute (U.S.) showed that coffee comprises about 1,000 components, of which antioxidants could benefit cellular health. Coffee may also provide anti-inflammatory benefits, support the body’s lipid profile and glucose levels, and reduce the risk of Parkinson’s disease.

Even though coffee is known to temporarily increase blood pressure levels, the subjects in the U.K. study did not show a greater risk of high blood pressure-related problems like cardiovascular ailments.

Another interesting find was that though coffee drinkers, in the study, had an increased tendency to smoke and consume alcohol, the amount of coffee they consumed seemed to negate the effects of smoking and alcohol. The study, of course, does not encourage these habits in those who do not have it.

The different factors considered in the study did not note whether the participants consumed their coffees black or with milk, cream and sugar. The researchers involved in the U.K. study, however, recommend to not add too many calories with dairy and sweeteners.

The study says that even up to eight cups of coffee a day can only benefit your health, but it is recommended to not overdo the amount of caffeine that goes into your body. Science says that about 400 mg of caffeine, which translates to approximately four cups of coffee is a decent amount. Anything more could lead to issues like heartburn and sleeplessness.

Whether your vice is a dark roast, instant or even decaffeinated coffee, you can down a few cups a day knowing that it could help you live longer.


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