Cannabis Flower Oil | Protect Yourself from Cancer and Fight Alzheimer's Disease

What Is Cannabis Flower Oil?

Also known as the hemp plant, Cannabis flower essential oil is extracted by the steam distillation process of the flowers and upper leaves of Cannabis Sativa L. Cannabis essential oil is very different from hemp seed oil and hence should not be confused.

The pale yellow essential oil is a mixture of several terpenoids and the characteristic aroma is mainly contributed by a minimum of 140 terpenoid compounds.

Cannabis flower oil is known to cure common headaches and hormonal imbalances in women and also plays a role in helping to reduce stress and treat symptoms of insomnia.

Uses of Cannabis Oil

Cannabis flower oil is used in the following ways:

  • In perfumes
  • In cosmetics
  • In soaps
  • As a pain reliever
  • To reduce stress

Benefits of Cannabis Oil

Cannabis essential oil can broadly fight cancer, relieve anxieties and improve overall heart health. Apart from the above benefits, cannabis oil is a great medicine to cure asthma and promote skin health.

The major benefits of cannabis essential oil include:

1. Reduces stress and feelings of anxiety

Tetrahydrocannabinol, the compound present in the oil works to block stress receptors in the brain. This process will automatically reduce stress and anxiety and promote a calm mind and body.

Military war veterans are treated with these particular compounds to overcome post-traumatic stress and induce relaxation.

2. Boosts heart health

Cardiovascular diseases occur due to clogged blood vessels. Cannabis essential oil can dilate the blood vessels to promote a normal blood flow. This will keep the blood pressure under control and prevent heart attacks. An improved circulation will keep the heart healthy.

3. Helps fight cancer 

Certain elements of cannabis essential oil have shown evidence of being effective against cancer cells. The properties kill the cancer cells and prevent them from spreading. Research has found that cannabis essential oil is used along with chemotherapy to tackle cancer cases.

4. Prevents eye damage

The use of cannabis essential oil reduces the intraocular pressure in the eye and helps prevent glaucoma and macular degeneration disease that reduces eye health.

5. Promotes a peaceful night’s rest

The applications of cannabis essential oil tend to calm the mind. The anti-stress elements wards of tension and induces sleep. The mind will calm down and one will enjoy a peaceful sleep throughout the night.

6. Prevents asthma

Cannabis essential oil has been used for a long time in China and India to cure asthma. Cannabis essential oil possesses anti-inflammatory properties, which in turn prevents asthma.

7. Protects skin and hair health

The oil and its compounds are greatly effective against skin diseases like psoriasis and eczema. Anti-aging and anti-wrinkle properties are also one of the other benefits of this oil.

The essential oil also prevents acne and pimples from appearing on the skin. It also works to stimulate hair growth and improves the overall health of hair.

8. Maintains the appetite

Cannabis essential oil is widely used as flavoring agents in candy and beverages. The oil is also known to stimulate the stomach and increase the appetite. This oil is often used to increase weight through appetite increase after a severe illness period.

9. Prevents Alzheimer’s disease

Amyloid plaques are caused by certain enzymes in the body. These plaques tend to kill brain cells and can cause Alzheimer’s disease. Cannabis essential oil slows down the production of the above enzymes and prevents the onset of Alzheimer’s disease.

10. Alleviates pain 

Cannabis essential oil has been used as an analgesic agent for a long time in China and India. Cannabis essential oil relieves topical joint pains and headaches.

Side Effects of Cannabis Flower Oil

Plant-derived products such as cannabis oil are almost 100 percent safe. However, it is always important to take the necessary precautions before use.

Being cautious is the key. Cannabis oil is derived from a plant with psychotropic substances. The quantity used is extremely important to be aware of as this oil has some side effects and is banned in many countries.

  1. One may tend to develop certain allergies and thus need to be careful before exposing too much.
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