Caraway Seed Oil | Fight Inflammation and Keep your Heart Happy

With the wide range of benefits that essential oils bring to the mind and body, it comes as no surprise that different essential oils such as Caraway oil have become a go-to natural remedy to heal various conditions like inflammation and fevers.

What Is Caraway Seed Oil?

Caraway oil has been extremely popular since ancient times and is extensively used for its culinary benefits. Belonging to the carrot family, caraway seeds initially originated in North America and Europe and are commonly used in meats, pastries, rye bread and liquor.

Caraway essential oil is obtained from the seeds of the caraway plant through the process of steam distillation. Caraway belongs to the carrot family and has a unique peppery fragrance with a spicy and sweet odor.

Uses and Benefits of Caraway Seed Oil

Caraway Seed Oil | Fight Inflammation and Keep your Heart Happy

Keep this natural remedy in your home at all times because caraway oil has a variety of uses that will allow you to reap its many health benefits.

Uses of Caraway Seed Oil

Caraway essential oil can be used in various aspects:

  • As a flavoring agent
  • As a spice in meat, pickles, bread, cheese and sauces
  • As fragrances in soaps, cosmetics and toothpaste
  • In aromatherapy
  • As an expectorant for respiratory health

As the seeds have a diverse history and varied uses, the essential oil extracted also boasts of several health benefits that we can see on a daily basis.

Benefits of Caraway Seed Oil

The many benefits of caraway seed oil are mentioned below:

1. Aids digestion

One of the best benefits of caraway oil is its ability to calm the digestive tract. The oil works to send a signal to the gallbladder and liver to secrete digestive juices and wards off excess gas, heals ulcers and other stomach infections. Drinking this oil diluted in water increases appetite and promotes healthy digestion.

2. Maintains cardiovascular health

Consuming caraway oil regularly is known to improve cardiovascular health. It prevents the hardening of arteries, decreases blood cholesterol and reduces blood pressure.

3. Reduces colic

Due to its good digestive properties, caraway oil is an excellent remedy to treat colic in infants. The mother can consume caraway oil mixed with water or the oil can also be massaged on the infant’s stomach for immediate relief.

4. Increases milk production

Caraway is loaded with nutrients that are ideal for nursing mothers. Breastfeeding mothers have claimed an increase in their milk production after consuming caraway oil.

5. Reduces stress and anxiety

Caraway oil possesses warming properties that help treat mood disorders, stress and anxiety. This oil can be inhaled using a diffuser at home or workplace.

6. Aids in weight loss

Caraway is rich in digestive and diuretic properties that help reduce inflammation and eliminate excess fat from the body. Diluting 1 to 2 drops of caraway oil in water and consuming it regularly aids in weight loss.

7. Treats insomnia

Magnesium helps calm the nervous system down and promotes a good night’s sleep. Caraway oil is rich in magnesium and is considered to be one of the best remedies to treat insomnia and other sleep disorders.

8. Relieves cold and cough

Caraway oil possesses aromatic and decongestive properties that make it an excellent treatment for bronchitis and cough. It can be inhaled from a diffuser to help loosen the mucus and release sinus pressure. Combined with honey, this oil can also be consumed orally to help soothe the lungs and throat.

Side Effects of Caraway Seed Oil

Caraway is safe to consume and apply topically when used for a fixed period of time. When consumed orally, it can be taken up to three months, based on the doctor’s recommendation, and when applied topically, it can be used up to three weeks.

  1. An overdose of caraway essential oil can cause nausea, heartburn and belching.
  2. Itching and skin rashes can occur on sensitive skin when applied topically.
  3. Pregnant and nursing women must avoid consuming caraway oil.
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