Can CBD Help Bacterial Infections? Here's What Research Has to Say About It

Our immune system has learned how to cope with a wide variety of bacteria, and this ability has been essential in our quest for maintaining optimum health. And yet, sometimes our immune system needs a little help, which is why antibiotics are used to fight almost every common infection from A to Z.

But now with antibiotics being readily available to almost anyone who visits a doctor, bacteria has started to develop a resistance to antibiotics, so it may be necessary for people to look for different paths of healing, such as CBD oil. It’s time to explore natural and innovative ways to get around these resistant bacteria that have managed to take about 23,000 lives a year.

How CBD Can Help Bacterial Infections

People from all around the world are discovering the benefits of CBD to treat a variety of infections and chronic illnesses. Despite the lack of scientific studies, CBD is becoming a useful treatment method.

The volume around CBD and its abilities are still being studied, but researchers have concluded that CBD possesses powerful antimicrobial properties. The cannabis plant, from which CBD is derived, is believed to have this capability because of the plant’s own defenses that have evolved to fend off its own bacteria and infections.

This constituent of the versatile plant has been grown in many regions all over the world and if used appropriately, the properties within CBD can give the human body a boost when it comes to fighting infections.

One of the most popular scientific studies conducted on CBD examing the effectiveness against one infection in particular called MRSA was published by the Journal of Natural Products by researchers in Europe. MRSA, a type of staph infection, has been known as a superbug because it has managed to become immune to the antibiotics that we have used to treat it.

Certain MRSA strains have the ability to actually produce extra bacteria that remove antibiotics, so the immune cells remain unprotected. However, when CBD is introduced into the equation, MRSA strains don’t respond in the same manner.

In fact, MRSA didn’t have the capability to fight off CBD the same way it did antibiotics because of the antiseptic properties. Scientists have discovered that not only is CBD oil as effective as antibiotics, but it is also more effective against fighting off the MRSA strains that have become resistant to antibiotics.

Additionally, people are able to use CBD to fight off infections without experiencing any of the common side effects associated with certain types cannabis like paranoia and lightheadedness.

Final Thought on CBD and Infections

There are still many questions that have arisen when it comes to cannabis and infections, many of which include figuring out what mechanism is in CBD that makes it so effective at fending off MRSA infections. However, it is clear that CBD is effective against fighting off antibiotic-resistant bacteria, particularly one that alone accounts for more deaths a year than AIDS in the United States.

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