Complementary & Alternative Medicine

With doctors and psychiatrist struggling to meet the demand for psychiatric help across America, mental health has taken the back burner and more people are in need more than ever. With no one else to turn to for help, it's...
Some would claim that the healing powers of crystals can be held within the palm of your hand. The metaphysical capabilities of stones were no secret to most ancient cultures like the Mayans, Egyptians, and Sumerians who used these crystals to help...
The food we eat and the lifestyle we live all play a part in our health and the functioning of our digestive system. Unfortunately, not all of us experience healthy bowel movements, with some suffering from bloating, indigestion, and...
Waking up with a runny nose and an itchy throat is not the best way to start the day. With spring kicking in, most of us are bound to experience the watery eyes and non-stop sneezing that comes with the...
Tinctures can cure common ailments and promote your overall well-being. Conveniently enough, tinctures are easy to use and can simply be made out of the comfort of your own home. Read more to find out how you can make your own.
Information on FODMAPs, including what they are and how they affect IBS sufferers, and how FODMAP diet plan is helping treat IBS.
Mostly known for its skin and hair benefits, castor oil has more therapeutic advantages that many of us are aware of. Here are five such uses.
Tracking a pregnancy week-by-week is an effective approach to fully understanding what's happening to a mother and her baby at 10 weeks.
An unhealthy gut is not good news and can severely hamper your well-being. Yogi Cameron explains how simple twisting postures can help you save the day.
Licensed Professional Counselor Associate Rosellen Reif lists 9 benefits of yoga for people with Down Syndrome, and the poses they can do to experience them.