Kidneys flush out toxins and impurities that have an adverse effect on other organs in the body. When this organ fails, the only alternative is a long-drawn treatment. Dr. Leela D’souza-Fransisco, Consulting Homeopath at based in India, broadens our perspective on how homeopathy can help treat kidney disease.

She says, “Classical homeopathic treatment is a holistic treatment for the whole body and all the ailments that are associated with kidney disease. The most reliable remedy is the constitutional remedy that takes into account the mental and physical aspects of a person at a particular point of time.”

Symptoms of kidney disease
It is important to understand the symptoms of kidney disease to reduce the risk of it developing into renal failure. The symptoms are:

  • Hypertension
  • Tiredness
  • Edema
  • Vomiting
  • Weight loss
  • Change in skin condition
  • Cloudy urine
  • Muscle spasm

If you experience a combination of these symptoms you may be at a risk of developing renal problems. Consult a doctor immediately to get to the root of the cause of these symptoms and alleviate any doubts you may have.

“When kidney disease is the chief presenting complaint that has developed most recently, it is expected that relief will be felt for symptoms of kidney problems first with homeopathic treatment,” says Dr. Leela.

There are doubts in the mainstream medical industry about homeopathy being as effective as allopathic medication for treating lifestyle diseases and this is what she has to say about their skepticism. “Renal failure can be treated very well with homeopathic treatment, especially if the case is in early renal failure stage. It can be cured and reversed with a protocol of homeopathic remedies that necessarily includes the constitutional remedy.”

What about progressive stages of kidney disease, you ask. She replies, “Advanced renal failure may not be amenable to cure – but various specific homeopathic remedies exist that can relieve the patient symptomatically based on specific renal symptom picture.”

Opting for homeopathy is an option for everyone at any stage

  • Early stages: Cure is possible and at that point she advises pure homeopathic treatment.
  • Later stages: Patients are usually already on a lot of medication (allopathic) that cannot be stopped. Even in such situations a supportive homeopathic remedy can be prescribed if a homeopath is trained to understand the working of the homeopathic remedy alongside the symptomatically prescribed allopathic drugs.

Prevention of kidney disease
Factors like age, ethnicity or external injury to the kidneys cannot be controlled. But you can prevent other major risk factors that lead to kidney disease. Also, minimizing stress on the kidneys right from the beginning can reduce your risk of developing Chronic kidney disease (CKD) later in life.

Dr Salil Jain, Senior Consultant in Nephrology and Renal Transplant, FMRI, offers some tips to prevent kidney disease.

  • People who have high BP should control it at the target set by their health care provider. This can delay or prevent kidney failure.
  • If you have diabetes make sure you control your sugar levels with proper diet and regular exercise.
  • Avoid excessive salt intake.

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