Pimples and acne is easily every woman’s worst nightmares, especially as it appears on  days where you need to make a good impression.

What is acne?
The oil-secreting glands on the skin, called sebaceous glands, can get inflamed due to bacterial infection. The result is a lesion that can be red, swollen and pus-filled. They can also appear anywhere on the face, though the usual spots are the especially oily T-zone. Since it can be ugly and painful, there are many who are tempted to just pop the pimple. However, doing so will worsen the condition instead of alleviating it. The gunk from the pimple might contaminate the surrounding skin  and there are high chances that popping it could lead to scars and marks as well.

What causes acne?
The usual suspects are mainly hormonal imbalance, faulty diet, reaction to cosmetics, inordinate amount of stress, hygiene, puberty, side effects of certain medicines, or even the lifestyle of the individual. Though acne cannot be termed as an illness, it is a condition prevalent all over the world and has a detrimental effect on a person’s psychology in the long run. Since acne breakouts can make one look unglamorous, if a person suffers from this condition for a long time it will have a direct impact on the social interactions as they lose their confidence and self-esteem.

Is there a solution in Homeopathy for acne?
According to the philosophy of Homeopathy, acne breakouts are a result of the defense mechanism of the body. The body it tries to expel a foreign object that enters the pores through the lesion called pimple or acne. Since many people tend to use topical applications or medication to heal  acne, the body is not given a chance to run through its natural healing process. Also, there are chances that the infection which was at the surface level  is pushed deeper inside due to our interference.

How does Homeopathy help in treating acne?
Homeopathy believes in healing the issue from inside out. Therefore, the treatment aims at removing the causes of acne from beneath the skin and expelling it out of the body completely. Using the principle that “like kills like”, Homeopathic medicines contain minute doses of the irritants that cause these symptoms in the first place. By introducing them the body’s immune system is trained to get rid of the problem on its own. While it is necessary to get a professional consultation, some commonly used medicines include Sulfur, Hepar Suphuricum, Silicea, Berberis Aquifolium, Pulsatilla etc.

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