Yoga is a gentle exercise that contains therapeutic benefits for those recovering from a traumatic brain injury (TBI), head trauma or concussion. Brain injuries could cause vertigo, difficulty maintaining balance, loss of control over muscles and neck injuries that could limit physical mobility.

People with head trauma, back and neck injuries could use Iyengar yoga—a form of yoga that uses props to support your body’s structure without adding any strain.

However, before choosing a particular form of yoga, brain trauma survivors should consult their healthcare provider and yoga instructor to know which asana would work for them.

That said, here are some yoga poses that could prove useful in healing your brain.

1. Balasana, Or Child Pose

child pose
This asana calms the brain and eliminates fatigue. It provides relief from neck and back pain when done with the head and torso properly supported.

2. Savasana, Or Corpse Pose

This pose relaxes the central nervous system and decreases stress. It balances hormonal imbalances, relieves depression, reduces insomnia and promotes brain recovery.

3. Padmasana, Or Lotus Pose

The lotus pose strengthens the spine, the neck and the abdominal muscles. It restores energy levels, promotes the healing of nerves, reduces stress levels, and increases attentiveness. It speeds up the healing of brain tissue and aids a quicker recovery.

4. Kapalbhati, Or Skull Shining Breathing Technique

Kapalbhati invigorates the entire brain and awakens the dormant centers responsible for subtle perception. It improves the flow of nerve signals. By increasing the intake of oxygen, this pose helps fight stress.

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