Many people suffer from migraine headaches or know someone who does. Chiefly considered a neurological syndrome that is characterized by painful headaches, they are often accompanied by nausea, vomiting and increased sensitivity to light.

Cluster headaches, a form of migraines, usually tends to affect only one side of the head and is discernible because of the intense pain.

A review of research from several different studies suggests that migraine sufferers might obtain some relief from oxygen therapy.[1] The Cochrane Collaboration compared nine studies that focused on the benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy and normobaric oxygen therapy.

Oxygen Therapy For Migraines
Migraines are thought to result from a constriction of blood vessels. The delivery of a high concentration of oxygen to the body’s cells provides just the right condition for the body to heal itself at a faster than normal rate.

The improved oxygen supply can promote healing of injuries, flush out toxins, reduces inflammation and swelling. Improved oxygen supply can widen blood vessels allowing better blood flow that can decrease the intensity of migraines. Oxygen therapy also improves endurance, improves concentration, energy levels and relieves chronic pain. It is of two types:

  • Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is the most common form of oxygen therapy that allows a patient to breathe oxygen in a specially designed chamber that increases the atmospheric pressure around the body.
  • Normobaric oxygen therapy requires inhaling pure oxygen at a normal room pressure through an oxygen mask.

Three studies that focused on the impact of hyperbaric treatment of migraines saw a large number of patients experience significant migraine relief after spending 40-45 minutes in a hyperbaric chamber. Two other studies discovered that a large percentage of patients suffering from migraines found relief after just 15 minutes of normobaric oxygen therapy. All the studies were tested against a placebo to gauge their realistic medicinal potential.

Health Centers Where You Can Get Oxygen Therapy

1) Columbia, Couth Carolina
Studio O2

2) Solvang, California
Nirvana Hyperbaric & Wellness

3) Matthews, North Carolina
Nature’s Path (Can be reached on 704-849-8266)

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