Complementary & Alternative Medicine

Reiki practitioners believe that every living thing is composed of spiritual energy (reiki) which can be harnessed and used for healing. Know how you can use them for natural healing.
Over the centuries, natural oils have been found to be of tremendous benefit to the body, for they have a nourishing, rejuvenating property.
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Ayurvedic tradition does indeed suggest following a vegetarian diet. Know why it is beneficial.
Z Living yoga expert Yogi Cameron answers this often-asked question regarding Ayurveda.
Occupational therapy is a form of a rehabilitation medicine which aims to improve the lives of people by helping them engage in an occupation. Learn how occupational therapy can help improve structure and provide a sense of purpose
Right diet translates to balance of energy, which translates to a healthy physical and emotional well-being.
Follow the dos and don'ts of aromatherapy for relieving PMS symptoms.
Essential oils have a calming, soothing, balancing, or mood-lifting properties that is ideal for relieving PMS symptoms.